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About Me

      I have proudly served in our Armed Forces like many of my family members. I am also very proud that my son has also chosen to join the Armed Forces of this great country. I am a Combat Veteran that participated in Operation Desert Storm as a Combat Engineer (12B). I was a Non-Commission Officer removing mines and explosive devices so that our troops had a clear path to engagement. After graduating from Saint Leo University with a Master’s in Business Administration with a concentration in Information Security Management (MBA.ISM) I always knew I would apply my knowledge and expertise into serving others as I have continually done for over thirty years.  

     I am a hands-on realtor because I believe in leading from the front and not from the rear. I will actively canvas Lee, Collier, and Charlotte counties to net you the best possible results. I do not give up on my clients unless they give up on me just because life happened. I will comfort my customers who are not technology savvy.  I have not forgotten the past in which good customer service helped clients. My commitment to you based on a hands-on approach that encompasses hard work, dedication, and morally ethical behavior not just for the current transaction but all future transactions as well. I am determined to build a rapport based on a lifetime of service for all your real estate needs.


  Dependably Yours,  



Prince Jones P.A.

MBA.ISM / Broker Associate / Realtor®

6611 Orion Dr. Suite 105

Fort Myers Fl 33912